Fine Art Photography

Private Property

Artist Statement

I am fully aware of the rules, the history of art, and the educated artist. I am neither. Understanding my limitations and accepting my flaws, I choose the non-traditional path: the path of

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Featuring Eugenia Yuan

Rêvant des Révolutions

‘Honte’ means shame in French.  This collection features actress Eugenia Yuan photographed in a series of difficult positions shot on location in Hong Kong.  Rêvant des Révolutions is a personal series about the fight

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Déjà Vu

I’m thrilled to announce that Déjà Vu will showcase at Hotel Stage in Kowloon, Hong Kong ! This is a special collection that has meant so much to me. I visited Kowloon City, which was then a little

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Maybe dinner?

You Are Not You

While this work came together rather quickly the concept and meaning took a few years to develop. Edith had approached me with a personal idea and over the years I had been thinking of

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The Beauty Within

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that ‘life is a journey, not a destination’ and that has never been more clear to me than when I jumped into the unknown several years ago; leaving behind ‘my normal’ for a

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